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Mission Statement

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Progressive Hispanic Democrats (PHD’S) will seek to be represented at all levels of the Democratic process from the Precinct level to the DNC. PHD’S will accomplish this by increasing political participation of individuals in all activities of the Texas Democratic Party (TDP), in particular, expanding Hispanic/Latino(a) representation in voter registration, candidate training, activist training, voter education, legislative tracking, and civic organizations.


It will be the purpose of the Progressive Hispanic Democrats (PHD’s) to promote and encourage full participation of Latino/a Democrats in party affairs at all level. The PHD’s will advocate for progressive party policies on all issues of interests and welfare of the Latino community.

This shall include, full participation campaigning for Progressive Democratic Candidates. Taking a public stands on issues relevant to the Latino community. It is the intent of the Progressive Hispanic Democrats (PHD’s) to promote a progressive model of Co-Chairs County by County in all 254 Counties and as many as necessary to do outreach in each community across the State of Texas.


General Membership – will consist of all at large Democrats. Hispanic Delegates that attend the State Convention who sign-in at the PHD Caucus are members. All members will adhere and understand that this is an at large Progressive Caucus in coalition with all Hispanic Organizations. Join today! Here

“Queriendo Se Puede”

Fidel Acevedo, SD 14, Travis Co.

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